Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Lacson: Dismissal of rebellion case, first of many to exculpate the Ampatuans from complicity in the Ampatuan massacre

Posted by Patricio Mangubat
March 30, 2010

As what this writer wrote several posts ago, the Maguindanao massacre case will be dismissed before the Holy week and attempts at formally closing the case will happen after this period, or on the second week of April. Now, it happened. Though Malacanang wants to lead efforts to appeal for reconsideration, just to appease rising public anger, the palace ruse fell by the wayside. Evidently, the dismissal of the case was actually brought by Arroyo herself when she declared martial law and charged the Ampatuans with rebellion.

The question remains--what happens then to the other case, that of multiple murder?

Atty. Alex Lacson is the first to articulate the question that lingers in the minds of many--since the rebellion case was dismissed, what happens now to the pieces of evidence recovered by the military? Will the prosecution still use them as additional evidence in the multiple murder case? Or will the court then just dump these pieces of evidence?

Lacson believes that this dismissal is just the first of many attempts by this administration to assist their strongest political ally in Mindanao. As we know, the Ampatuans know of many secrets about the Arroyos particularly that so-called Hello Garci operations.